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Freediving is not only a sport, it's also a way to better understand who we are.


私達 freedive では、日頃の競争社会から離れ、海の静けさの中で得られる穏やさや内なる平和、心の癒しを提供いたします
そして、Freedive はあなたのその一息がどんなにも意味があり幸せなものか伝えます。

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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019



Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019


スピア フィッシング

特別な道具を使用しないで水の中へ… 息を止めて海の中に潜っていくと、まるで水と一体になっているような…今までにない体験をすることが出来ます。



This experience is a non-certification program designed to give participants a taste of what freediver training is all about. Participants will learn the basics about freediving with limited depth, time and distance.

This program is great for individuals or groups that want to experience the sport of freediving but don’t want to commit the time and money to a full course.  This course may also be used as a team building challenge for groups.  By the end of this experience, they can feel more confident in their abilities to overcome difficulties.

 This course does not provide a certification but is super fun.


FUN FREE course consists of:

  • One open water session(-20m)
  • One FUN Freedive session
  • Hot Shower following dive
  • All Equipment required to participate

Details of the course:

– During the Open Water session: 

Training  in the use of:

  • Finning style
  • Equipment
  • snorkel use
  • Mask 
  • Weight belt
  • Safety and Buddying
  • Relaxation & breathing  

– During the FUN Freedive session:

  • Exploring the water around Miyazaki marine reserves
  • Photo session


  • 8  years of age ( with guardian’s consent)


  •  Liability Release

Course duration:

  •  1 day.


  • 18000JPY +TAX


  • The course can be completed at ANY time of the year.

Courses We Offer.

Molchanovs Movement

The Molchanovs Movement is a global community of passionate, active freedivers with access to the latest freediving education, freediving training, workouts, badges, challenges, as well as exclusive early access and offers for the world's best freediving gear。

Aida Japan


International Association for the Development of Apnea) is a worldwide rule- and record-keeping body for competitive breath holding events, also known as freediving.[3] It sets standards for safety, comparability of Official World Record attempts and freedive education. AIDA International is the parent organization for national clubs of the same name。





Online breathing training for managing stress, pain, illness & depression with Ryo or Arisa certified AIDA istructor, breathing expert Discover how to reset your health and breath today.

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Molchanovs Freediving Education can take you from learning the basics of freediving through to an elite competition freediver. There are four open water course levels, each of which is known as a Wave.


Wave 1

Discover the underwater world in the most natural way by holding your breath. The Molchanovs Lap / Wave 1 Beginner Freediver course will take you through a fun and relaxed experience yet with a strong focus on making you a safe freediver. Everyone can access the Wave 1 course. You just need to be healthy and able to swim 200 meters. By the end of this course, through passing pool, depth, safety, and theory requirements, you will become a complete Wave 1 freediver.

In this course, you will get all the basis of freediving and will become an autonomous freediver able to explore the underwater world comfortably. You will learn how to practice freediving safely, what happens with your body when you hold your breath, how to dive more efficiently, and how to handle freediving mentally, but also any other life situation. By the end of the course, you should be able to dive safely and comfortably between 12 and 20 meters — which is the depth limit for this course — experiencing both using fins or pulling on a rope to go down. You will also learn distance disciplines in the pool, with and without fins, focusing on technique and efficiency.

You will learn about the physics acting on your body, pressure, Boyle’s law, Archimedes principle and, their applications in the water. You will also learn to check if you are properly weighted in the pool and open water and how the equalization of your ears works and how to perform it. The tips, tricks, exercises, and techniques, you will learn all there is to know about equalization at a beginner level. Basic physiology is one of the most important topics to fully understand in order to dive safely and reach your full potential. You will learn how the body adapts to this challenging environment.

What do we have in common with marine mammals? What happens with oxygen, what role plays carbon dioxide, how exactly do we need to breathe, how do we practice it and how much is too much? So many questions that you will finally get answers to. You will also learn how to minimize energy use and become efficient while holding your breath. For this, we introduce mental skills helping you to achieve deeper relaxation and visualization to help prepare and execute dives with greater ease.

Safety is imperative, and a big part of the course is learning how to dive with a buddy, perform rescue procedures, and prevent potential injuries. With proper knowledge and training, freediving is a very safe activity. To make it safer and more comfortable, you will learn about specific freedive gear, how to use it properly, and how to train and progress.

You also get to connect with a worldwide community through our Dashboard platform where you can access your education materials, get our weekly Base Trainings, log your badges, find freedivers near you, connect, exchange, train and learn from the best in the world.

Freediving is a lifelong learning experience and yours starts here.


Wave 2


Lap 2/Wave 2

As a Molchanovs Wave 2 Advanced Freediver you will extend your limits further in all disciplines (up to a depth of -30m), become more proficient in no fin techniques, and learn about the monofin technique which is fastest and most powerful way to navigate the underwater world. You will learn the history of freediving, how it all started, where, why and how we got where we are now. You will dive deeper into the physics of freediving, how it affects your body, learn about Dalton’s law and Henry’s law, and their relation to safe freediving. You will go into detail about depth and distance dives and understand the main differences and adaptations of our bodies. You will continue your breathing education and improve the Frenzel equalization maneuver with specialized drills, tips and guidance.

As you progress with your technique skillset and performance, you also work further on mental training introducing mindfulness techniques tailored to different contexts. You will also be introduced to injuries related to freediving in the middle ear, inner ear, sinuses, and lungs, learn how to prevent and treat them. Safety is also brought up to a new level with details on blackouts, decompression illness, learning how to avoid them, and mastering advanced rescue techniques.


  • Lap 1/Wave 1 certificate for Lap 2
  • Wave 1 certificate for Wave 2
  • OR completed crossover evaluation

Pool Requirements

  • Static 2 min 30 sec
  • DYNB 50m
  • DNF 35m

Open Water requirements: 

  • CWTB & FIM 24-30m
  • CNF 15m
  • CWTB buddying 10-15m
  • Rescue from 15m


Wave 3

Wave 3 / Lap 3 Requirements

Lap 3/Wave 3 – Master Freediver

As a Molchanovs Lap / Wave 3 Master Freediver you are already halfway on your journey to becoming an aquatic mammal. You will be able to comfortably dive up to 40 meters deep, demonstrate proper technique in all pool and depth disciplines and you will develop an understanding of advanced physiological and mental implications. In this course, you will also reflect on ancient freediving practices and how these transformed into modern freediving.

You will expand your mental toolbox by learning how to use attention deconcentration, which is a completely different mental approach to your dives. Your deep diving will benefit from advanced equalization approaches that combine the Frenzel maneuver either with the mouth-fill or reverse packing. There will be plenty of exercises available for you to master both of them over time. You will also learn how to simulate depth with Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) dives and how to prevent depth-related injuries. Packing, reverse packing, flexibility training and the according knowledge when and how to apply these techniques (and when not to!) will enable you to expand your limits while staying always safe.

The Lap / Wave 3 is a semi-professional certificate that enables you to act as an assistant instructor and equips you with the according level of knowledge and skills. It is also the last step towards joining a Molchanovs Instructor Course if your goal is to make a career out of freediving.


  • Lap 2/Wave 2 certificate for Lap 3
  • Wave 2 certificate for Wave 3
  • OR completed crossover evaluation
  • AND active first aid certificate

Pool Requirements

  • STA 3 min 30 sec.
  • DYNB 75m
  • DNF 50m

Open Water requirements: 

  • CWTB & FIM 34-40m
  • CNF 25m
  • CWTB Buddying 20m
  • Rescue 20m
  • Surface tow 20m


Wave 4

Wave 4 / Lap 4 Requirements

Lap 4/Wave 4

This course is designed for advanced competitive freedivers. As a prerequisite, you should be certified and very comfortable with the performance requirements of the Lap / Wave 3 course. As a certified L/W3 freediver you may already act as an assistant instructor and if you dream of teaching freediving yourself you may decide to advance to the Molchanovs Instructor Course and attain the Wave 2 Instructor (W2I) level.

However, not everyone wants to teach! For freedivers who have a drive for competition and performance and want to move their freediving to the next level, the Lap / Wave 4 course is the right choice.

In the Lap / Wave 4 course we address in detail how to approach competitions, how to develop a good tactic for your dives, how to train for freedive performance. We also talk about the finer details of all techniques, tapering for maximum performance, diet, and basic periodization principles. We break down dives into segments and analytically approach each phase. In this course, you will become a freedive athlete and gain an understanding of your body energy potential and your energy systems.

The Lap / Wave 4 course is based on personal approaches shared by champions. You will get the opportunity to upgrade your theoretical knowledge and practical application from previous courses, also in terms of accident and injury prevention, dry training principles, depth adaptation, and, of course, also EQ and strategies necessary for deep diving. This course is just the start of your life as a freedive athlete, so by the end of it, you should be able to comfortably dive the following performances: 

  • 4:30+ STA
  • 50+m CWT/FIM
  • 35+m CNF
  • 100+m DYN
  • 75+m DNF


  • Lap 3 OR Wave 3 certificate for Lap 4
  • Wave 3 certificate for Wave 4
  • OR completed crossover evaluation
  • AND active first aid certificate 

Pool Requirements

  • STA 5 min
  • DYNB 100m
  • DNF 75m

Open Water requirements: 

  • CWTB & FIM 50m
  • CNF 35m
  • CWTB Buddying 30m
  • Rescue 25m, Surface tow 50m & rescue breaths


当初、フリーダイビングの世界記録認定はCMAS-Confederation Mondiale des activites subaquatiques(世界水中連盟)によって行われていましたが、諸般の理由によりイタリア潜水協会等がCMASに代わり認定活動を行うようになりました。 AIDA-Apnea Internationale pour le Developpement del’ Apnea が誕生したのは1993年のことで、発起人となったのは健全な水中スポーツとしてのアプネアの普及、発展を願うダイバー、エンジニア、医師、そしてアプネアの競技者たちでした。 

AIDA International is the worldwide federation for breath hold diving, a non profit organisation that was founded in 1992 to further the development of freediving. Over the years AIDA International have defined disciplines in freediving and recognise and authenticate world records achieved in these disciplines. AIDA International is made up of world class freedivers who are passionate about the sport of freediving. The AIDA International high standard and quality education programme that incorporates the knowledge and experience of world class freedivers, dive professionals and scientists is recognised world wide.  






プール&海洋講習 1.5日間


マエダ岬/砂辺/宜野湾 ほか



48,000円 税別(送迎代、保険料、施設使用料込み)

*キャンセルチャージ 15日前50% 7日前70% 3日前以降100%







プール&海洋講習 2日間


マエダ岬/砂辺/宜野湾/崎本部 ほか


スタティック 2分00秒
ダイナミック 40m
コンスタント 16m

51,000円 税別(送迎代、保険料、施設使用料込み)

*キャンセルチャージ 15日前50% 7日前70% 3日前以降100%





プール&海洋講習 3日間


マエダ岬/砂辺/宜野湾/崎本部 ほか


スタティック 2分45秒
ダイナミック 55m
コンスタント 24m

65,000円 税別(送迎代、保険料、施設使用料込み)

*キャンセルチャージ 15日前50% 7日前70% 3日前以降100%



Spear Fishing Miyazaki

The F.I.I. Spearfishing Course is a 1-day classroom and confined water course with an optional spearfishing charter the following day. The curriculum has been designed to create a reliable foundation of knowledge that will carry you for the rest of your life.

Whether you are a seasoned underwater hunter or just getting into the sport, you will leave this course with the skills necessary to be a more successful, safe, observant and ethically-sound hunter.



DON'T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR ITI absolutely recommend this course. You will learn how to hold your breath longer than you thought you could (3 min seemed easy, somehow!), recognize and handle emergency situations, and relax and dive into the blue without fear.You'll leave the course more confident than you came in and be stoked to dive more.For sure take the class!
- Ashley Kennedy,
Level 1 Graduate


FreeDiving Japan



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